Angel City Improv

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... acting, singing, reciting, writing and just about any activity you can think of, done without pre-planning of any kind, done spontaneously, on the spur of the moment, off the top of your head.


Improvisation teaches valuable life skills that support the concepts of cooperation, spontaneity, and creative risk taking. Improvisors learn to welcome their imaginations and creativity through exercises and games that focus on teamwork, language and music skills, storytelling concepts and the creation of imaginary environments and characters.
Angel City Improv classes are designed for anyone interested in comedy improvisational acting and storytelling and it's benefits, regardless of age or previous experience.

From classes for professional actors to corporate seminars, family workshops or in-school residencies (K-12), students and teachers can participate in a hands on learning experience that's a lot of fun! Comedy improv can boost morale and self esteem, provide team building skills, encourage spontaneity, creative risk taking and problem solving among participants.
Whether you identify with wanting to expand your creative horizons, professional actors wanting to hone their craft, corporate personnel wanting a creative cutting edge, teachers K through 12 seeking new techniques with which to teach ever evolving curriculum or meet grad standards success can be found through Angel City Improv!